Creating valuable products and
Livelihood with discarded material

MASAECO Inc., from its name alone signifies its pro-people and pro-environment ideology.
Its originated from a combination of a Tagalog word “MASA” which means “mass” in English and “Eco” coming from Ecology.
Our goal is to introduce our eco-friendly products and spread the idea of sustainability as globally as possible to provide safe & Prosperous lives in Modern life living.

It is a very unique business entity with the noble objective of proving employment or livelihood to the youth in rural areas or provinces. And in so doing, the company aims to provide and design a new business model that may help preventing the influx of people especially the youth into the cities or metropolis.

Social responsibility is integral to our personality. In such respect, the company is very serious in supporting initiatives towards the improvement of life of Filipinos especially the farmers and rural folks, focusing on education, the environment, and entrepreneurship.

Our product development strategies focus on “creating one of a kind unique handmade paper product” Utilizing indigenous materials available in the Philippines and the great craftsmanship by local artisans, we continue to develop unique techniques to create sustainable paper products that would suit the modern life living.